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Course on Computer Concepts (NIELIT) CCC Course

Course on Computer Concepts is an online certification course that is conducted by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology(NIELIT). Earlier, this organisation was known as DOEACC Society or Department of Electronics and Accreditation.

In this article, we will know more about the parent organisation NIELIT and then about CCC, the particular examination that has been mentioned above. The Course on Computer Concepts was started in the early 2010s by the Central Government in order to push the digital literacy envelope across the country.

The main theme of this course was to make the population more IT literate and go for the interiors of our vast country, India with the deep reach that policies and administrations have with the interiors.

NIELIT – Parent Organisation

The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, also known as NIELIT is headquartered at the capital city New Delhi. It is an autonomous society in nature. It comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Indian Government.

The objective of the project is to create high-grade human-power in the computer software and relevant fields by appropriating the expertise and conveniences accessible with various institutions in the non-formal sector.

NIELIT is one of the National Examination Body in India, which certifies Computer courses in

  • O level
  • A level
  • B level
  • C level

approving institutes/organizations for conducting the particular course, specializing in the non-formal sector of IT education and training.

You can know more about NIELIT by following this Wikipedia article: Wiki Here

The official website URL for NIELIT is as follows:

Course on Computer Concepts in depth

The Course on Computer Concepts is an entry-level examination. It is set specifically for the beginners in the digital world. People who wish to earn the certificate need to prepare accordingly and clear the tests to get hold of it.

In order to prepare for the CCC exam, you need to get used to the question paper and the syllabus. has got you covered. You can practice for the exam easily with different varieties of tests and model papers.

With the ever-increasing trend of digitisation currently, not just in India, but across the globe, it is an utmost necessity nowadays to be digitally literate. The benefits of this course are as follows:

  • Efficiency in small-scale businesses
  • Effective for homemakers and senior citizens 
  • Easier to avail government services and benefits online

Expanding further on the above-mentioned points, it becomes increasingly convenient for all the homemakers and senior citizens to get hold of their benefits directly from home. Not only it reduces all the hassles, but it forces the authorities to enhance themselves online.

Similarly, with the use of technology and algorithm-driven situations, corruption and forgery can be reduced drastically.

Future of CCC

With the current trend of digitisation, as mentioned, it will be interesting to see how quickly the whole population adapts to the digital scene. In order to be successful in this venture, education is mandatory for all. Authorities can take this through to the interiors with the help of Panchayats and Village heads easily.

A happy society is the main goal of any authority. Certainly, this will open up a lot more doors for the people who want explore more in the world of technology.

To know more about Course on Computer Concepts, you can visit the official website:

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