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Java Program To Check Vowel Or Consonant | 5 Ways

Java program to identify whether the given character is vowel or not. With the help of the below program you will get to know how to write and print whether given number is vowel. We have written the program in three different ways, using if else statement, using switch case, user define method – learn more about switch case in Java with examples.

If you are good at programming even you can write the code in different formats. We are pretty sure that you can easily understand the following program. Just before that we would like to share what are vowels and consonants in alphabets.

  • What are Vowels ?

A: Def : A speech sound which is produced with vibration of vocal chords without audible friction, which is being blocked by teeth, tongue or lips :P.

A we know that there are Five vowels : a, e, i, o, u or A, I, E, O, U.

  • What are consonants than ?

Apart from A, E, I, O, U rest of the alphabets are consonants. That’s it.

Basically we can write the code in two different ways, using if statement or if else statement or Java switch case statement.

There you go:

Java Program To Print Whether The Given Alphabet is Vowel Or Consonant

1. Using Switch Case

Here we are using switch case, generally switch is used one out of multiple options, an if else ladder can also be used to select one out of multiple options. In simple words we can say switch is a multi branch statement.

Here the combination of both small letters and capital letters are represented as vowels. With the help of the case statement, the output will display on what the user is going to be entered. If it is out of 10 alphabets, it will display vowe;l or else cons;nant.

3 Sample Outputs:

2.  Using If else Statement 

  • There you go another program using if else statement with sample outputs – learn more about if else statement here.


3. Using Method

Java program to print whether the given character is vowel or consonant using Method or function with sample outputs.

That’s it. Here we go list of other programs: