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C Program To Calculate Perimeter Of Rhombus | C Programs

C Program to calculate the perimeter of a rhombus – In this particular article, we will discuss the several ways to calculate the perimeter of a rhombus in C programming.

The methods used to do so are as follows:

  • Using Standard Method
  • Using Functions
  • Using Pointers
  • Using Macros

As we all know, a rhombus is a 2-dimensional quadrilateral figure whose sides are all equal in nature. The opposite sides of a rhombus are parallel as well.

A rhombus would look like this:

Rhombus Perimeter

As you can see, p and q are the two diagonals of the rhombus. Since the diagonals of a rhombus cut each other at right angles, it’s easy to evaluate the side of a rhombus.

Applying the Pythagoras Theorem,

a = sqrt(p^2 + q^2)

Thus, the perimeter of a rhombus = 4a.

C Program to calculate the perimeter of the rhombus in three different ways. Check out our other C Beginner programs. We have written the code in three different ways, with sample outputs and example programs.

The multitude of methods with which the perimeter of a rhombus can be calculated in C Programming is as follows:

Using Standard Method

1)The value of the entered side of rhombus will store into variable”side”

2)Using perimeter=4*side formula, we calculate the perimeter value


Using Functions

1)p=perimeter(s) using this code we are calling the perimeter function.

2)float perimeter(float s) returns the perimeter value and perimeter value will be assigned to p.


Using Pointers

1)We are passing the addresses of s,p variables using perimerer(&s,&p) function.

2)void perimeter(float *s, float *p) retrieve  the values at  that addresses and calculate the perimeter value

3)The perimeter value will be stored into pointer variable *p


Using Macros

1)Here 4*s formula was defined with the name area(s)

2)area(s) replaced with that expression given at #define.


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