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Turmoil in Life – Work from Home & Imbalance

Life before the COVID Pandemic could only be given a particular nickname, complacent! Without singling out a certain individual or community, almost all of us certainly took our lives and livelihood for granted.

The complacency with which we used to live and lead our lives was unprecedented. However, the year 2020 itself brought upon a plethora of challenges for us. Firstly, the wildfires in Australia shook the world media incessantly.

By the time we figured out the outcome of the massive catastrophe, people had begun seeing possibilities of a potential Third World War. The conflicts in and around the Middle East had certainly given quite a few, some sleepless nights.

As February-March came into being, the presence, as well as the rapid spread of the SARS nCov-2 virus, stopped our daily life routine. Things had to take a break and survival became the topic of discussion as well as priority.

With everything being said, the privileged chunk of the population had their chance of keeping their jobs and businesses somewhat safe, with the help of Work From Home.

The phrase “Work From Home” felt rather interesting back in the day. Everyone thought working right from their comfort zone is possibly the best thing one could ask for.

Working hours increased but downtime disappeared, forget decreasing. This led to multiple families having fights, quarrels and in some cases, leading to insanity and instinctive Google searches like Get a Divorce Online. Here you can refer, Why the pandemic is causing spikes in break-ups and divorces

As far as the COVID Pandemic is concerned, things moved online rather swiftly.

Random things started to pop up to fill the gap created by the shutting down of physical markets and gathering around. Some of those already existed in the first place. The entire list comprises of things like:

  • Online Medicine Delivery
  • Online Food/Grocery Delivery
  • Online Tax/Banking Services
  • Get a Divorce Online
  • Book a Vehicle/Ambulance Online etc.

A major chunk of the population that used these services in all types of cities comes from the IT or Software Industry background. It is true that the MNCs or Corporates that hire their employees, in turn, provide a livelihood to others directly or indirectly by getting these services.

Working from Home is certainly a blissful experience. Almost everything that you need is at your disposal, more or less. However, things started to take a rough turn as time passed by.

The first lockdown was somewhat memorable for the privileged since they never really had that chance of spending quality time with their immediate family.

Statistically speaking, as soon as the work environment relaxed, the work-life balance started to disappear. Irrespective of which part of the world you hailed from, things started heating up between immediate family members.

Now, we all know that having a great work-life balance is the way to satisfaction and happiness in both professional and personal life. This striking imbalance led to the deterioration of mental health in thousands, if not millions.

In the US, in January 2021, 41% of people experienced symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive illness, a figure that has been relatively steady since spring 2020.

According to a June 2020 study, 13% of adults reported new or increased drug usage as a result of coronavirus-related stress, and 11% of people expressed suicidal thoughts in the previous 30 days.

Unfortunately, we are heading to such a dystopian world. Living and leading lives together is the way to go. Hopefully, with proper awareness and understanding, we will be able to bridge this gap and get a benchmark on work-life balance.


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