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Meet the Key Ways That Society Can Benefit from Computers

How Can Computer Science Benefit Society? Computer technology is a topic that will be discussed today. In this article, you will learn how computer technology is changing society. Nowadays, it is important to adapt to new technologies and apply them in life and society. About Computer Science Specialists in this field are aware of modern methods and analysis of efficient ...

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Call for Code Challenge – Commit To The Cause

Natural Disasters can be considered as one of the most devastating events as far as life on Planet Earth is concerned. It is a seething inevitability that is extremely tough to avoid. Certain changes in our planet forces life, particularly humankind in general, to suffer from the deadly consequences. It is our utmost responsibility to tackle these situations and get ...

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Academic Writing and The Different Flavours

Writing is a way of life. Just like other ways of life, expressing yourself matters the most. Writing is certainly one of the most sought after ways to do so. The ability to explain while expressing is paramount, in the case of writing. However, the use of writing is not limited to expressing thoughts and opinions. People are also assessed ...

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Turmoil in Life – Work from Home & Imbalance

Life before the COVID Pandemic could only be given a particular nickname, complacent! Without singling out a certain individual or community, almost all of us certainly took our lives and livelihood for granted. The complacency with which we used to live and lead our lives was unprecedented. However, the year 2020 itself brought upon a plethora of challenges for us. ...

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How Students Can Cope With Coding Assignments | Java Tutoring

Working on technical disciplines is either difficult or time-consuming for every student. Those who process coding assignments feel their knowledge is not enough to complete it with the necessary information. Based on this, many newbies to coding tasks would rather ask someone for help and type in Google, “who can do my Java homework?” than do it from scratch. It is applicable ...

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Top Object-Oriented Programming Languages to Follow in 2021

What Is Object-Oriented Programming? Before OOP (object-oriented programming) we used Procedural Programming. In procedural programming, we write procedures or functions to perform certain operations on data. While in an object-oriented programming paradigm, objects are created containing both data and functions. The data is normally referred to as fields or attributes and functions or procedures as methods. For example, we create ...

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IRCTC Magic Autofill – How It Works

IRCTC Magic Autofill – With the help of the IRCTC Autofill you can book Tatkal Tickets fast. This auto magic fill is free to use and book tatkal tickets without any software’s. Your details will be easily entered just with the help of a single click on the IRCTC web application software tool of IRCTC Autofill, through bookmark section. The ...

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How To Make A Vpn With Java | Java Tutoring

In case you don’t know, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are essential these days. Not only do they hide your location and encrypt your data, but they can also allow you to access blocked websites in your area. Unfortunately, setting up VPNs can take a long time (and some require a subscription for regular use). This article will show you how ...

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Java vs JavaScript: Top Key Points You Need To Know | Java Tutoring

java vs javascript

For an unrelated person, Java and JavaScript should definitely have something in common, as their names sound so similar. However, those who know even a little about programming would say this idea is totally untrue. Java is related to JavaScript the way ham is related to a hamster. In this article, we will look closer at the peculiarities of the ...

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