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IRCTC Magic Autofill – How It Works

IRCTC Magic Autofill – With the help of the IRCTC Autofill you can book Tatkal Tickets fast. This auto magic fill is free to use and book tatkal tickets without any software’s.

Your details will be easily entered just with the help of a single click on the IRCTC web application software tool of IRCTC Autofill, through bookmark section.

The principle on which Magic IRCTC Auto fill works is extremely simple. People can take the help of this IRCTC Tatkal ticket software tool very effectively.

You have to hit Ctrl + D or bookmark the link once you have entered the details that you want to be auto-filled.

Firstly, you have to visit the IRCTC Autofill Website You will be given the options to enter the details that you want to be filled up at the time of ticket booking.

The details apart from your basic information that you need to enter are on Auto Magic Fill Website are as follows:

  • Berth Preference
  • Senior Citizen or not
  • Pre-food booking

How IRCTC Auto Magic Fill Works

Complete information on auto magic fill works & complete procedure about tatkal ticket now.

Berth Preference:

As you can see, Berth Preference is the measure where you have to mention which Berth or seat you are interested in booking for. The tickets for general class sleepers or third-tier air conditioning seats have 5 different types of berths available.

While planning to book tatkal tickets from IRCTC Official website, just choose the right option on IRCTC Auto Magic Fill website.

  • Upper
  • Middle
  • Lower
  • Side Upper
  • Side Lower

Out of the given choices, you will have to select either of the five-berth preferences mentioned. As a general rule of Physics and Center of the Mass theorem, the lower berths in a typical Railways coach are filled up beforehand.

The lower berths in a general railways coach, which has sleeper facilities are:

  • Lower Berths
  • Side Lower Berths

The main reason why this thing is done is to make sure that the center of mass of the whole coach after the people have boarded is made to stay in the middle of the coach.

If we do not do that, people will automatically take up the lower berths, as a birthright of any normal Indian person.

Even with the sprinkling of honesty, if people don’t take up the lower berths just because their tickets haven’t mentioned it, it will be catastrophic for the suspension systems of the railway coaches.

The coaches will start swaying while moving along the tracks since there is a higher Center of Mass while the journey is going on. In order to conserve the maximum distribution of mass and keep it as close to the center level as possible, the lower berths are filled up first.

Senior Citizen:

In case if you come under senior citizen, Make sure to choose this option on IRCTC Autofill website, the data will store on your Laptop.

Secondly, we have the options of Senior Citizen or not. In case of Senior Citizens, there are a few benefits that they can avail while the time of traveling. Those benefits are as follows:

  • Early preference of a confirmed ticket
  • Lower berth allotment
  • Compensation in ticket prices

With these many benefits in hand, people who are above the age of 60 can easily avail the Senior Citizen quota and schemes specifically hand-drawn for them by the government and the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation web portal itself.

Senior Citizen can get hold of a confirmed ticket first up, apart from the usual VIPs such as Doctors and Army personnel.

The algorithm is set in such a way that their tickets will get confirmed in case of a waitlisted or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket against their name.

In the case of the concession, these are the lower age limits that the citizens need to adhere by before going ahead with the ticket price concession:

  • Male: 60 years
  • Female: 58 years

Once the citizens have reached these ages legally, they can go ahead with the concession part effectively. The fee concession for the consumers based on their gender is as follows:

  • Male: 40%
  • Female: 50%

As you can see, the senior citizen from the respective gender groups can easily avail of their concession in the ticket price while booking their tickets with the help of the IRCTC web portal. They can easily quicken up the process with the help of IRCTC Magic Auto Fill as well.

In this case, their details will be saved beforehand and with the help of a single click only, their details will be updated in the given empty spaces for the filling up part.

Food Pre-booking:

Finally, after the berth preference and senior citizen benefits, in comes the option of pre-booking your food as well. People can now easily book their meals in case of a long and excruciating journey from one part of the country to another.

In order to travel long distances, apart from taking the luxury of an airplane, people choose the services of trains to enjoy the situation and the time very much. The hastiness of an airplane journey doesn’t excite quite a lot of people. People love taking the time and the chance slowly to devour the everlasting essence of a wonderful journey.

However, with its benefits come certain disadvantages as well. People need to take care of nutritious concerns as well. In order to travel such long distances and maintain the nutritious balance as well, people can now easily book their meals while booking their tickets as well.

The food options come in three different choices such as:

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-vegetarian
  • No food

As you can see, you have the luxury of selecting one of the three given options. In case you are a devout vegetarian and you want freshly prepared food specifically for yourself from the shadiest sources of resources, you can book your food beforehand while going ahead with the ticket booking procedure.

Similarly, in case if you are a non-vegetarian, you can pre-book your meal as well where you will be served with not-so-lip-smacking varieties of non-vegetarian food, with the help of, you guessed it right, the shadiest of sources for resources to cook the specifically ordered food while booking your ticket.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in buying food and you want to carry it on your own for the rest of the eternity or buy it sources outside of the officially registered food options from the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, you can go for the final option No Food.

With the help of this option, people can now easily get hold of their food requirements while traveling longer distances.

Thus, by saving all of the above details once, you can save your valuable time just by clicking a single button. With the help of IRCTC Magic Auto Fill software tool, you can save all of these details for future use where you want to book your respective ticket as quickly as possible.

Specifically, in the time of booking Tatkal tickets, the window stays responsive for a very short amount of time. At that moment, you can take the help of Magic Autofill where your details will be updated in the given empty spaces as quickly as possible.

Magic Autofill Browser Extension – Chrome And Firefox

As we had discussed in the previous section, in this case, we will brief in on the Magic Autofill Browser Extension. This is a browser extension plugin that you can install on your browser to access the Magic Auto Fill software tool effectively and quickly.

The browsers that can support this particular extension plugin are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera etc.

After you have completed the bookmark procedure for the Magic Autofill software tool, you can also install the browser plugin extension on your respective browser. Firstly, you will have to go to respective, preferred search engine website such as

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo etc.

There, you will have to search for the browser extension called IRCTC Magic Autofill Extension.

You will be showered with a bunch of options which you can install with your respective browser. After you have downloaded and installed the extension, it will ask for a few app permissions.

These permissions are just asked in order to double check with you before accessing the data that you are supposed to enter within the system. After finishing the whole process, an icon will be shown at the space where your browser displays its extension plugins.

The next time you have to take care of the filling up part of any IRCTC ticket, you can simply click on the browser extension and it will fill up the empty slots of information such as:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Berth Preference
  • Age etc.

All of your details will get automatically filled up once you click on the IRCTC Magic Auto Fill browser extension. You will save a lot of your valuable time while booking your ticket for your future travel endeavors.

IRCTC or Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation is a primary government-owned web portal that is helpful for the consumers to book their train tickets online. In order to get their tickets booked successfully, the consumers have to make sure that they enter their personal details correctly.

The consumers have to enter their details such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Berth Preference etc.

However, sometimes while entering the same repeatedly, as a subconsciously unconscious human being, we tend to make grave mistakes. Although these mistakes are very miniscule in our eyes, on the overall picture, it is devastating if our Identity cards do not match.

To avoid this very specific trouble, a new web-based software tool has been introduced. It is a regular feature among various other portals such as Amazon and all. It is known as IRCTC Magic Autofill. With the help of Magicauto fill, you can save the same beforehand for your own betterment.

IRCTC and its role nowadays

IRCTC or Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation is a PPP or Public Private Partnership type web organization primarily handled by the Indian Railways. It is helpful for the commuters who wish to book their train tickets online.

With the help of the IRCTC, people have been extremely successful in booking their tickets for their future journeys effectively and without much of a waste of time. As of right now, around 550,000-600,000 people are booking their tickets per day.

With the help of the online services, people are successful in avoiding the humongous lines they had to be a part of, earlier, while booking any ticket at their nearest Reservation Booking Office

IRCTC helps people book various types of tickets such as:

  • General Tickets
  • Tatkal Tickets
  • Premium Tatkal Tickets

People can go ahead with the booking purposes easily on the IRCTC web portal. You need to make sure that you are entering your details correctly without committing any particular mistake. You will have to enter a few details such as:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Berth Preference
  • Senior Citizen or not etc.

On the day the site began on 2002, a total of 22 tickets were booked with the help of the IRCTC web portal. However, gradually over time and several overhauls later, it is considered one of the best sites as far as booking a travel ticket is concerned.

The IRCTC servers are usually down from 2345 hrs. to 0030 hrs. for maintenance purpose daily. Apart from that, there are stipulated time periods for booking Tatkal tickets. These windows are given so that people don’t cram up the website servers.

The usual time slots for booking Tatkal tickets are as follows:

  • Tatkal General Class Tickets: 8-8:30AM
  • Tatkal AC Tickets: 10-10:30AM
  • Tatkal Non-AC Tickets: 11-11:30AM

Earlier, the Tatkal window used to open at 10Am and after that, at 11AM for a brief amount of time or up until the tickets are exhausted. It was a pain in the bottom for the general people who had book a tatkal ticket with the help of the IRCTC web portal.

With so many people going for the tickets at once, the website used to clog or freeze momentarily exactly at the right, or you could say, the wrong moment. This specific decision was taken in the mid 2016s where a different class of tickets would be booked at different periods of time.

In the next section, we will briefly talk about how exactly we can book a ticket with the help of the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Instructions To Book A Tatkal Ticket Using Autofill

As the name of the title suggests, we will learn how to book a usual train ticket with the help of the IRCTC web portal.

Firstly, we will have to log in to the IRCTC web ticketing portal. In order to log in, we will have to enter these two details:

  • Username
  • Password

After entering these, you will have to fill in the empty spaces where you will be given a CAPTCHA code which consists of alphanumeric characters. This measure is taken as a security verification process. This is done in order to differentiate between bots and humans.

For people who are visually impaired, you will have the option of going for an OTP or One Time Password. The OTP is a numeric string that will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number in the form of an SMS.

After taking the help of the text-to-speech, you can easily enter the OTP at the space provided and move ahead with the ticket booking procedure. Once you have logged in, you will be greeted with a screen that says:

  • From
  • To
  • Date of Journey

As you can see, the “From” section is the Source of your travel. You need to enter the source station at the space provided. You will have to enter the station code of the source station. For example:

  • Bhubaneswar (BBS)
  • Secunderabad Junction (SC)
  • Chennai Central (MAS) and so on.

In case if you are unaware of the station code from which you are about to start your journey, you can easily go ahead with the full name of the railway station. The website will automatically detect the source station code for you, on which you just have to click and go ahead.

Similarly, you will have to enter the station code of the destination station in the “To” section. The destination station, as the name suggests, is the final railway station where you will be getting down.

In this case as well, if you are unaware of the station code of the destination station, just enter the name of the place fully. IRCTC will help you swiftly with the station code. Select the station and click on it so that the code will get displayed in the space given for it.

Finally, you will have to enter the date of the journey that you are interested in. Make sure to remember that the Indian Railways follows a 24-hour clock. So, 0005 Hrs. of departure timing means the early hours of the next day, technically.

Select the possible date of your journey and click on the Search button given below. The website will take care of all the possible combinations and give you a list of trains running on that specific date in between the two locations that you have mentioned.

Select the train that you want to travel in and click on the Availability section. You will be greeted with a section where you will have to choose the class of travel that you are interested in. Those classes are as follows:

  • General Sleeper
  • AC 3-tier
  • AC 2-tier
  • AC 1st Class
  • Executive Chair Class
  • Chair Class
  • General (II) etc.

These are the most popular choice of ticket classes that are used by the general public, be it making the ticket for these using an online web portal like IRCTC or the offline ticketing methods.

Select either of the given options for the specific train that you have selected and check if there are any tickets available or not. If there is a chance of Reservation Against Cancellation, it will be mentioned in the form of RAC.

Usually, the tickets will end up these attributes:

  • CNF
  • RAC
  • WL etc.

The CNF option is the Confirmed option where your ticket is confirmed for travel and you are allotted a seat for sitting and / or a berth for sleeping, in case you have booked a ticket in a sleeper class, be it air conditioned or not.

The RAC or Reservation Against Cancellation is an attribute that will be given to your ticket when your ticket has an RAC. At that point of time, your ticket will be confirmed if the people that have booked beforehand cancel their tickets before the start of the journey.

For example, if you have a ticket that says RAC-7, it means that at least 7 people have to cancel their tickets or not go ahead with their journeys. Only then your ticket will get confirmed and you will be able to get a seat or berth of your own.

And finally, there is the dreaded option of WL or Waiting List in which your ticket hasn’t been confirmed. In the same way, your ticket will get confirmed only if people have cancelled or aborted their plans of taking up the journey.

In this case, RAC is given more preference before the Waiting List travelers. It is worth noting that, an RAC or Reservation Against Cancelation type ticket makes the traveler worthy enough for a seat to sit while travelling.

However, a Waitlisted Ticket doesn’t allow anyone to take help of that and travel with that particular ticket. Technically, it is illegal to travel with the help of a Waitlisted Ticket. There are different types of Waitlisted tickets such as:

  • GNWL: GeneralWaiting List.
  • RLWL: Remote location waiting List.
  • PQWL: Pooled QuotaWaiting List.
  • RLGN: Remote Location GeneralWaiting List.
  • RSWL: Roadside StationWaiting List.
  • RQWL: RequestWaiting List.
  • CKWL: TatkalWaiting List.

As you can see, these are the types of Waiting Lists that are there in the Indian Railways ticketing systems, be it online or offline. The list is also a clear depiction of which type of Waiting List will be given more preference.

The GNWL or General Waiting List type of tickets have a far greater chance of getting confirmed than say, a PQWL or a Pooled Quota Waiting List type of ticket. Each type is distinct in its own way except for the CKWL or Tatkal Waiting List.

Tatkal Waiting List can also be used as a synonym for nightmare or hell. It is technically better to leave hope at this stage of your life. It shows us the waiting list position of our Tatkal Ticket. It is almost certain that this type of ticket hardly gets confirmed.

Before going ahead with these results, firstly, you will have to enter your personal details to book the ticket. As we have gone through before, using IRCTC Magic Autofill software tool will get your work done pretty easily.

The IRCTC Magic Auto Fill will comprehensively fill up the spaces provided by the web portal to give an insight to your details. With the help of IRCTC Magic Autofill, you can easily proceed ahead with the payment procedure without wasting much of your time filling up the details.

As you can see now with the page, you will be given an option of paying for your train ticket with the help of these payment methods such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Cash Cards etc.

Finish the payment as quickly as possible and your ticket will be yours. Finally, you will get an SMS on your Registered Mobile Number and another small notification will popup on your screen. It will ask you to download the ticket that you have just booked to your desktop.

After downloading the ticket, you can easily take a print out of it and keep it for future use such as while traveling or showing the tickets as a proof measure. In certain offices and establishments, the employers ask for the hard print outs of the tickets as a means of proof.

Tatkal Tickets – in a Nutshell

Tatkal literally means Immediate in English. As the name itself suggests, Tatkal tickets are booked one day prior to a typical journey for the usual traveler. Tatkal tickets are booked by the customers when they are extremely lazy to book tickets beforehand or do not have enough time to do the same because of certain emergencies.

After entering these details, you can choose to book a Tatkal ticket:

  • From
  • To
  • Date of Journey

Once you have successfully entered these details, on the top of the screen, you will be given a notification of selecting the Tatkal option. You can technically book Tatkal tickets even 30 minutes before the train has started from its official source.

The charting of a train happens 30 minutes before the train starts at the source railway station. It is to be taken care of that once the charting has been done, you can not book Tatkal tickets for that specific train.

Earlier, you were able to book Tatkal tickets 2 days prior to your proposed journey. Currently, you can book tickets only one day prior to your journey. Apart from that, the agents are blocked from booking Tatkal tickets in bulk for the beginning half an hour.

Because of this odd situation, normal and regular people who wanted to book Tatkal tickets were unable to do it since either the tickets got depleted or the website servers would stay perpetually down right at the time of the Tatkal booking window.

These are the prices for regular Tatkal ticket booking:

It is to be noted that if you plan on canceling a Tatkal Ticket, you will not get any sort of refunds. Canceled Tatkal Tickets are not eligible for refunds. However, a regular ticket if canceled will get you eligible for a refund of money that you spent.

Each ticket has a different refund rate depending on the time of your ticket cancellation. If you are cancelling your tickets less than 24 hours to your journey, you will get refunded with the least possible amount of money that you have spent while buying the same ticket.

Please carry a proof of Identity in case the Ticket Checker or the T.T.E. asks for it while checking the ticket.

However, if you are canceling your ticket right after the train has begun from its destination station, you will get 0 refunds on your ticket. The whole amount that you have used to book your ticket will be completely gone.

Premium Tatkal:

On a similar note, Premium Tatkal tickets are exactly like Tatkal tickets but they have dynamic pricing levied on them. For any train which has the Premium Tatkal service available, around 50% of tickets are there for the Tatkal ticketing option.

The rest of the 50% of tickets are there for Premium Tatkal ticketing options. As we had discussed above, the price of Premium Tatkal tickets is completely dynamic. The tickets are less pricey if you book those as soon as the Tatkal window opens up for booking.

The more delay you carry out, the more they are expensive to book. This type of ticketing is specifically visible in airlines where a ticket’s price sometimes depends on the demand as well as the difference between the time of booking and the time of departure.

Premium Tatkal is considered as the last option possible to book your usual ticket when you have no other option left. It is the most expensive tickets of the lot and you will not get any refund if you end up canceling your Premium Tatkal ticket.

Quota In Booking Tatkal Tickets

There are technically three types of ticketing quotas available, not only in online but also in offline ticket windows. Those are as follows:

  • General
  • Ladies
  • Senior Citizen

As the names suggest, firstly, General is the ticketing quota that can be availed by anyone while booking the tickets. Ladies quota is specifically reserved for women where a few tickets are there only available for women while going ahead with the booking process.

And finally, the Senior Citizen quota is there for the people who are above a certain age and fall in the Senior Citizen quota. The particular details have been discussed beforehand in the first topic itself.


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