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Java Program To Calculate Commission Percentage | Programs

simple commission calculation program part 2Java program to calculate salesperson commission. The following program has been written in five different ways like using standard values, Taking inputs through scanner class,  using command line arguments,  user-defined method, creating a separate class. The following code can be used in any different manner, for salesperson, java code sales commission calculator, simple commission calculation program part 2.

  • How to calculate commission rate?

Multiply your commission rate by your commission base for the period to calculate your commission payment.

Example :

For example, if you made $30,000 worth of sales from March 1 to March 15 and your commission rate is 5 per cent, your commission payment is $1,500

1. Java Program To Calculate Commission Using Standard Values

There you go the following program is written based on a formula, consider this as a standard program. You can use this program anywhere like Java salesperson commission, commission calculator. #java salesperson commission


2. Taking Inputs Through Scanner Class

Java code for obtaining commission percentage taking inputs through scanner class, Java salesperson commission and, simple commission calculation program part 2.



3. Through Command Line Arguments 

There you go another method by using command line arguments. If you no idea about command line arguments you can check out the guide here on how to command line arguments works #simple commission calculation program part 2.

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4. User Define Method

By using a user-defined method we wrote the following program to calculate commission percentage program.


5. Creating Separate Class 

Java program for getting commission percentage through creating a separate class( ) and taking inputs through scanner class. #java code sales commission calculator #simple commission calculation program part 2



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