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Is Java a Hard Language to Learn? – Java Tutoring

Java is a strictly typed object-oriented programming language used to create a wide range of software: from computer games and mobile applications to banking systems and enterprise projects to solve business problems. Java is most often used when writing programs for such operating systems as: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and others.

Java is used to create a variety of software, focusing on the advantages of this language, but its original purpose is programming embedded systems. Everyone at least once thought about how hard is it to learn java? Many people are sure that learning Java is a challenging task, but we live in a time when anything can be learned in a short time with the help of courses. Therefore, anyone can search for the best Java courses on Udemy and find the perfect system for themselves. The main principle the developers were guided by when creating Java is called “WORA” – “write once, run anywhere,” which implies the ability of once written Java code to run on many platforms.

Where to start learning Java

Now is the time to know how to learn Java if you are a beginner. Also, you’ll know how to prioritize becoming a Java developer. The learning process will be easy if you’ll want to study.

Learning planning

Is Java difficult to learn? If you plan your studies correctly, you can learn the basics of Java without much difficulty. First, you must decide on the type of training: if you go to the courses, then the plan has already been drawn up by the representatives of the training platform, and you need to responsibly fulfill the training standards, consulting with the trainer and fellow students, if necessary.

If you choose independent study, you must determine the resources from which you will draw knowledge and homework. Then you must arrange classes to combine learning Java with your other affairs organically. You should be patient, constantly maintain motivation, and not shy away from classes. Learning programming on your own is a significant and responsible job, so many self-taught students either drag out their studies for many months and years or give up and abandon Java. Only a few achieve the desired result – those who can discipline themselves and seriously take up their studies.

How to learn Java fast

How to learn Java correctly so that this process brings the desired result and not kilometres of exhausted nerves? It is a very relevant question when learning any programming language. Specific rules should be followed for learning Java to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Spend time studying

If you want to learn Java from scratch, you need to spend a lot of time on it. How to learn Java quickly? 8 hours a day for theory and practice is the most effective investment. Of course, people with such strong motivation and who can afford such a strict schedule and lifestyle can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, a simplified regime is suitable for most: 2-3 hours daily.

Understanding that such skills will pave your way to a successful future is essential because software engineering skills are an advantage when getting a job. So, when you read something, every time you turn the page, think about how this knowledge will benefit you. If there is an opportunity to allocate more time – give more because the more you invest in programming, the faster you will get satisfactory results. And do not forget that first, you should find suitable educational materials – Google and reviews of programmers will help you.

Read different sources

Draw information from different sources. Every web service, every book, and every article explains the same topic in its way. If you don’t understand something, look for an explanation in another source, but don’t leave the topic because you didn’t get it the first time. Maybe the following google link will dot all the i’s in minutes?

Find a mentor

Having an experienced mentor will help maintain motivation and make learning easier. You will become a Padawan who will understand the wisdom of the Java Jedi, which means that your studies will become more exciting and productive. It will be easier to find a job this way.

Professional help

You can ask for help from professionals who have been teaching beginners programming for more than a year and turn them into real Trainee/Junior developers who can easily find IT jobs. This option will allow you to learn the Java language and master the desired Java Developer specialty in a minimal amount of time.

What is needed for programming in Java?

For programming in Java, you need a standard set for comfortable Java programming:

  • PC or laptop;
  • access to the Internet;
  • installed Java SE Development Kit and development environment to your taste, for example, IDE IntelliJ IDEA;
  • having a strong desire to learn Java coding;

In principle, this list is sufficient for a beginner. The most crucial point is desire because you will not succeed without it. Learning to program is a long process of trial and error, wins and losses. If you treat coding as something trivial, Java will never open up to you, and you will never know how powerful the quintessence is embedded in it.

How long can you learn to program in Java?

If you’re reasonably proficient in any popular programming language, learning Java syntax shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, since you know the mechanics of writing working code and already know how to program at some level.

If you are a beginner and intend to learn Java independently, you will need at least three months to learn the syntax, provided you have regular classes – at least 2-3 hours every day. But the more you practice Java, the faster you will master it. If you’re still in school and don’t have enough time to learn to program, that’s not a problem either. After all, you can find services over here that will help you do your homework quickly. This way, you will have enough time to learn Java. Moreover, the syntax is easy to understand.


Java is relatively easy to learn and, at the same time, gives a lot of career opportunities to its programmer – web development, testing, business applications, Android applications, banking systems, embedded devices, and computer games. Is Java hard to learn? The answer is no! This will not be easy, requiring high discipline, serious motivation, and large time costs. However, with the help of programming courses, learning Java will become much easier, more exciting, and more productive.


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