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Call for Code Challenge – Commit To The Cause

Natural Disasters can be considered as one of the most devastating events as far as life on Planet Earth is concerned. It is a seething inevitability that is extremely tough to avoid. Certain changes in our planet forces life, particularly humankind in general, to suffer from the deadly consequences.

It is our utmost responsibility to tackle these situations and get ourselves prepared beforehand. It is the only way we can minimize the damage as much as possible.

With the increasing globalization and digitization, we can safely say that these two will definitely come in handy for accomplishing the laudable task of saving lives and property on the whole.

The #CallforCode Challenge is such a lead which would seemingly interest the coders all around the world to help the current scenario of global disaster consequences with their knowledge and expertise.

Call for Code Challenge

The Call for Code Challenge is an initiative that is being organized by the IBM Corporation. It is a worldwide, multi-year mental exercise in collaboration with The Linux Foundation, The American Red Cross, and the UN Human Rights Council.

In this challenge or competition, you need to create some of the best innovative apps and software solutions in order to tackle the ever so growing threat of natural disasters day in and day out.

There are six technology areas where any software developer can engage themselves for the best output possible, for the sake of humanity. These areas are going to be the ways to focus on the imminent calamities as soon as possible. This will not only decrease the damaging consequences but also equip us better for the next time.

Those are as follows:

  • Build a reliable, identifiable, flexible and transparent network with the help of blockchain
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to enhance real-time interaction with natural language processing
  • Interpret, investigate and prophesy health and nutrition needs to improve services with data science
  • Develop logistics based on traffic and weather activity to diminish the number of people affected
  • Congregate and probe device sensor data to take a remedial or precautionary measure automatically
  • Use Deep learning, Machine learning, and Visual Recognition to raize crucial processes

Expanding on the above-mentioned points in a paragraph, software developers are expected to design apps and make software resolutions using their expertise on these few areas. A combination of all of these will certainly make a significant effect on how to tackle the tremendous outgrowths of a natural disaster.

The natural disasters that are in focus as far as the #CallforCode Challenge is concerned are as follows:

  • Hurricanes and Typhoons
  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  • Floods and Storm Surges
  • Volcanoes
  • Extreme Weather
  • Wildfires

The creator that comes up with the best solution that can help significantly improve the current state of disaster preparedness will be awarded with a cash prize of $200,000 by a jury of eminent technologists at the Call for Code Award Event. Along with the cash prize the winner will also get long-term open source project support from The Linux Foundation.

The winners will also get an introduction to venture capitalists and an opportunity to pitch and  turn your idea into a funded company. They will also be given an opportunity to deploy your solution with an IBM Corporate Service Corps team who will support with tools and expertise required to turn your idea into a real application.

You can choose to participate in this event on your own or by hosting Call for Code event Day within your organization. More details at

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